Deloitte Tohmatsu Group Analysis Highlights Social Impact of "Pacific Rim Cup"

January 26, 2024


Deloitte Tohmatsu Group has announced the analysis results of the social impact using SROI (Social Return on Investment) for the 'Pacific Rim Cup – Keiki Soccer Clinic 2023,' a children's soccer clinic they hosted in Hawaii in August 2023, on their official website.


SROI analysis is an advanced and simplified version of cost-benefit analysis, evaluating the social, economic, and environmental changes brought about by the initiatives and activities of corporations and organizations. This approach visualizes outcomes by equating them to market values, making the social impact tangible.


In the analysis titled 'Visualizing the Social Impact of a Soccer Clinic – The Social Value Created by Sports and Community', we were able to calculate an SROI that exceeded our initial expectations by 1.36 times. This analysis explains how the soccer clinic specifically generates this impact, how this is calculated, and how the Pacific Rim Cup functions as a laboratory for these initiatives. We invite you to read further for a detailed understanding.


Furthermore, our company and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, based on the alliance agreed upon in February 2023, have launched the 'SPORTS BUSINESS LABORATORY.' This initiative aims to expand Japan's sports business through research, studies, and practical demonstrations. We will continue to engage in various activities in the future as part of this effort.


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